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Opinews #2 - Amazon Car Delivery, Walmart Flipkart Acquisition & Instagram Ecommerce Payments

May 11, 2018

It's all happening this week! And we're back to report on the biggest highlights in ecommerce news.

We've decided to go ahead an make Opinews an official new segment of the show! We'll continue releasing the normal podcast on Tuesdays and now we'll have the additional shorter-form Opinews podcast on Fridays. Consider it a great way to finish the week... get updated on all the stuff going on in ecommerce while listening to two hilariously cool and amazing people. What's not to like?

In today's episode of Opinews we've got some interesting stuff going on:

  • Amazon is now delivering to your car. Yes, you read that right. Using their new car key Prime service (available in limited states in the US) delivery drivers will now be able to locate your car and unlock it, leaving the package in the car before locking it again and carrying on with their day.
  • Walmart is making a $16 billion attempt to push Amazon out of India by acquiring the Indian ecommerce giant, Flipkart.
  • Instagram is trying to go back to its roots of fluid photo browsing by introducing in-app ecommerce payments. When clicking on an ad, users will no longer be taken to another website but rather they will be able to complete their purchase directly from within Instagram, without ever leaving the app. 

All this and more in today's show!


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