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#33 - How to grow your Instagram following with giveaways (the right way)

September 21, 2018

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Today's show was born out of frustration. Frustration from seeing so many brands running crappy giveways on Instagram.

You know the kind I mean... they partner up with another brand to giveaway a product of theirs. They then publish an image on their Instagram accounts and in the description they outline how you can enter into the competition.

It's usually something like:

  1. Follow us on Instagram
  2. Like this image
  3. Post an image with the hashtag #taketractiongiveaway

I'm not here to tell you this doesn't work. It does! But there's just so much more you could do!

Imagine putting in the exact same amount of effort but getting 5 x the results. That's exactly what you can do when you apply the strategy outlined in today's podcast.


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