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#16 - Should I start a blog, create software or build an ecommerce store?

June 12, 2018

You know you want to create something. You know you want to run your own business and be independant. You know that you've got to get off the hamster wheel.

So where do you begin? There are so many options these days right? It can be pretty overwhelming trying to decide which business model could be the right one for you. Afterall, blogging, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, selling on Amazon, building apps and creating software are all completely valid business ideas that could make you lots of money and give you the freedom you're looking for.

In today's episode we discuss a much better option for you. A way in which you can utilise all of the different business ideas that have ever excited you to build your little empire and live a happier, financially stable, stimulating life.


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